Hands-Free Keychain

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Hands-Free Keychain


It's crazy to believe we're living in a time where a hands-free keychain is a MUST-HAVE. But, thanks to COVID, here we are! These are perfect to add to every set of keys, gift to friends, or just leave one in your car!

Perfect for Avoiding Germs

You know the drill... you've washed your hands in the restroom but then have to pull open the door handle. Yikes! Worry no more with this amazing hands-free keychain! The printed acrylic options are so cute and classy and look great on any set of keys! There are so many other instances where a hands-free keychain would come in handy. Use the end of the hands-free keychain to punch in your PIN at the gas pump or ATM or even use the knob of the hands-free keychain to turn on the faucet in the bathroom! There are truly so many uses! 

For Everyone

Yes, we've even got a solid black keychain for guys! They probably would never buy one for themselves, which makes this hands-free keychain the perfect gift! Grab one today before they sell out! These are going to popular for years to come! 





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