3 Years of TSR!

3 Years of TSR!

It feels like every time I blog I say something about how quickly time is flying…. and WOW, have these last three years FLOWN!

It has been such a joy to share our love of unique gifts & personalized products with Columbia through our storefront and all over the country through our online shop! We have created so many friendships here in each of our customers and we can’t tell you how much we appreciate your constant support. We know you have options – and it means the world every single time we hear that doorbell chime that you’ve walked through those doors! Seriously. It’s the greatest feeling to see you all here hanging out with us and we love getting to know more about you and your family! Likewise, we love sharing our lives with you and hope that you can ALL meet the little TSR boy (Knox) someday soon!

The past three years have been a roller coaster of emotions as we charge through ups and downs, work out kinks, and continuously grow. It’s true, The Southern Rose you see today is drastically different (& better!) than The Southern Rose that opened in August of 2016. I truly hope that we can say that year after year after year! We’re celebrating all weekend here at the shop. For more details, visit our Facebook event & RSVP. If you have Instagram, follow us there for more photos & some giveaway fun later today.

We love you, all! Thank you for the greatest three years EVER!

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MacKenzie & The TSR Team! 

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