4 Ways to Help Small Businesses | Shop at The Southern Rose

4 Ways to Help Small Businesses | Shop at The Southern Rose

If anyone was curious, this is Day Eight of sick for my boy & Day Eight of "altered schedules" aka I work from home a lot and NEED to be at the store... SOS. So, here's a little blog I wrote during naptime!

As the holidays approach, I felt a need to stick up for the small guys. It's our busiest (and favorite) time of year but we truly need your help! Here's a small list of some ways you can help out all of the local businesses! 

1. Pay with cash! I know, WHO CARRIES CASH?! I always try to pay with cash at small businesses because credit card processing fees are SO high. This is just one way you can help a small business eliminate expenses! Of course, we run credit/debit cards and totally understand the convenience. Just want to throw it out in the world that cash is king! ;) 

2. Tell your friends! There is NOTHING better than seeing a social media post get liked, commented on, or even better - shared! This support is HUGE in the days where Facebook & Instagram work off of confusing (and always changing) algorithms. We try to keep up but it's impossible and often we notice our posts don't get seen by people that WANT to see them! Suggestions: Turn on post notifications on Instagram / Facebook. Also, if you LIKE our posts, Facebook/IG read this as "I like this page" and they show our stuff to you more!

3. Shout us out! Did we do a great job helping you design a gift? Do you LOVE your new monogrammed pullover? Leave us a review on Facebook, Google, OR our website. This tells other people that they can trust us with their business for the best quality & service around! A lot of people just leave negative reviews but it's SO important that small businesses get the GOOD too! 

4. This one seems a little obvious... but, actually GO and support their business by making a purchase or attending an event! Need a gift for someone on your list but don't know what to get? Try a gift card to one of your local favorites like LogboatD Rowe's, or Gunter Hans

Friends, go out and show up for your local loves! Being a small business is SO much fun but it's SO incredibly hard too! We NEED our fans to continue growing! If you read this, THANK YOU! Seriously, even just reading the blog is such a huge support! 

We'll see you soon!