All the Gifts, Please!

All the Gifts, Please!

I am all about a good custom, personalized gift.

I love putting thought into what I gift my friends, or telling a story in creating a basket of items for a loved one. I love the look on their face when they open something perfect for them. So, I guess it’s no surprise I ended up in the career path I’m in owning a monogram and gift boutique. A simple gift can truly change someone’s day, week, month, or yes, even year. There are SO many occasions we celebrate in life that call for a gift – either big or small. We celebrate birthdays, retirement, new homes, babies, engagements, weddings, and more! We never miss these opportunities to give a gift during these times – and I love that. But, I’ll just be super cliche and say it…. every single day is a gift. Every single day should be celebrated and loved in some way! I love an unexpected gift to just celebrate life just as much as I love a gift to celebrate a specific event! I think most of us would agree that a surprise like this is such a great way to feel love. And please note, I’m not saying every “gift” should even have a monetary value. In fact, some of the best gifts are FREE!

This week, I challenge each of us to send a gift to someone that isn’t expecting it.

It can be the gift of time — calling a relative on your commute to work (Grandma, I’m sorry I call you a lot but we’re on the go a lot)!

It can be a gift of love — volunteering to clean your mom’s house to take one thing off her plate this week (ahem, Knox…I’m looking at you!)

It can be a gift of coffee — seriously, the best!

It can be a small gift that makes you think of that person.

It can be a gift of a smile to a stranger.

Whatever gift you give, if it comes from the heart, the recipient will feel it and hopefully pass it forward in their own lives. 



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