How to Give the Best Gift

How to Give the Best Gift

How to Give the Best Gift 

A step by step guide on how to create the best gift ever for a hard to shop for person. 

If you're looking for unique, custom gifts that are trendy, affordable, and make you stand out, then you're in the right place! We are experts at creating the best gifts and have years of experiences with custom embroidery, personalization, and sourcing and creating unique products for everyone you love! Let our team of gift experts at The Southern Rose & Rosebuds create something special alongside you today. If you aren't local to visit our gift store in Columbia, Missouri, feel free to give our team a call during business hours and we can help you over the phone, a video call, or back and forth over email. 

1. Think about the gift recipient and budget. 

Who are you shopping for? Is it a friend you've known your entire life or an acquaintance you met this year? What is your gift buying budget? I try to spend between $50-$100 per gift on people I know well. If it's a smaller gift, or a gift that's 'just because,' it's really easy to find unique, affordable items to gift at $30 and under. We have an entire section of cute gifts and custom gifts for $20 and under on our website! 

2. Pick a gift package theme to base your gift on.

When I am early in my gift buying planning stages, I like to think about themes. Sometimes, that simply means walking into the cutest gift shop in town and picking unique gift items in the same color palette. Other times, I know the nursery theme for a new baby and I try to purchase items that either coordinate with that theme or in that color scheme. Either way, think about the gift recipient and nail down your theme early. This makes selecting the rest of your gift super easy! 

3. Reach out to The Southern Rose team of gift experts.

Time is of the essence and thoughtful, curated gifts can take up some serious brainpower (and time!) to complete. If you don't have time to go shopping but still want a trendy gift or a custom gift, we are your best solution! Seriously, we absolutely love helping you pick out gifts that 'wow' your friends and family. In fact, our team has YEARS of experience creating gift packages and customizing items. We offer in-house personalization and can really take a 'boring' gift and make it beautiful with a simple custom touch. Often, that means adding an embroidery name or embroidery monogram to your item! We promise we are ready to help you shop for hard to buy for people or maybe just because you don't love to spend the time (and mental energy) trying to select a gift! Don't worry, we're your gift experts at The Southern Rose and we're here to help! 

4. Shop at The Southern Rose & Rosebuds.

Seriously - we get NEW ARRIVALS every single day in our gift store and lifestyle boutique.... and don't forget, our sister store, Rosebuds, is a children's store dedicated to the best baby and kid sbrands for apparel, accessories, books, toys, and more! We have TENS of thousands of items in-stock and ready for you to customize. Your gift basket will be the BEST at the baby shower, bridal shower, or birthday party. We have something for everyone in almost 4,000 square feet in our Columbia, MO storefronts. We have in-house brands that are unique items JUST to us. This means we can create unique items that you'll be sure won't be gifted by anyone else! Check out our reviews on Google and you'll see for yourself! 

5. Let The Southern Rose Gift Team wrap your amazing gift! 

Our customers love the free gift wrap on in-store purchases! If we're shipping your order, there is a small charge for gift wrap (a few different gift wrap options) and that is simply to account for the increased weight of your package when wrapped. Our gift wrap is done beautifully and stands out from the crowd! Plus, it takes even MORE time to gift wrap after you already spent so much time thoughtfully curating your gift. No worries, we can wrap it up in five minutes or less! 

We hope you know that we really love helping create unique, customized gifts. If you need help in any way, simply reach out to our team via messenger or give our storefront team a call. We're ready to make a great gift basket for anyone you love!