Instagram Polls

Typically this time of year, we send out a survey to our customer list asking for feedback on how we can improve their experience at The Southern Rose. If they complete said survey and screenshot they finished it, we give them a coupon for a percentage off a regular-priced item. This year, we opted for a different survey method (and still might send out a survey link so keep checking those inboxes) on Instagram where followers can easily reply to various prompts. 

When we asked what people wanted MORE of on Instagram and social media, we got an alarming number of replies that people wanted MORE VIDEO (gah - my nemesis because I don't like the sound of my voice!) and....more blogs. 

I'm blaming our neighbor Rebecca for this because a few of you even noted that you really liked how she blogged every night.... ;) I will sit here right now and say every night likely won't happen. I've made resolutions to blog more in the past and barely made it through a month of posting weekly (and was PROUD of that!) But, here we are.... mapping out a NEW (exciting) year of TWO stores. We really have so many fun things going on behind-the-scenes and we can't wait to share our plans for some events & new lines SOON!

For now, drop your e-mail here to be subscribed to our special blog e-mail list (if you're into that kind of thing). Just an FYI & extra incentive, I sometimes drop a coupon code in blog posts for anyone that reads it ;) 

We head to market(s) soon so if you want to follow behind the scenes, be sure to follow us on Instagram!




Happy Sunday! We'll see you soon!