Market Tiiiime!

It’s Market Time!!

It’s easily my favorite time of year… finding NEW goods to bring back for everyone and building a plan for what’s to come. I’ve been traveling to market since I was 17 years old and each time I go, I’m just as excited (and overwhelmed) as the first time!

It sounds like a relaxing “vacation” and tons of fun…. 18+ floors of shopping (in one building)! And we get THREE buildings?! A blast…right?! It’s overwhelming and mind-blowing to say the least. There’s a lot of strategic planning involved, a lot of, “WOW that was a big order”, and even more…. “we like it, but will anyone else?!”

While owning/operating The Southern Rose is certainly a ton of fun… there’s a lot of backend work (and maybe a liiitle bit of experience and education) that make everything come together in the storefront. If you think about it, say an extra prayer for me this week that I’ll stay sane while balancing the opinions of my little sisters while we shop ….(jk…we’ll be JUST fine, Mom!!)

Stay tuned for tons of NEW goods and several BIG announcements….

Anyone else obsessed with Chip & Joanna Gaines?