Meet the TSR Team!

Meet the TSR Team!

It’s been a bit since I posted about a blog about the team at The Southern Rose.

Most of our positions are part-time so we naturally say goodbye to team members as they get “real jobs” or internships & we’ve got some fresh (fun) faces we’ve added to the mix in the last few months! If you haven’t met them, come by & say ‘hello’ – they are AMAZING at helping pick out gifts & truly have hearts of gold!! I spend a loooot of time with them and to say they are loved is an understatement!

Of course, we have our behind-the-scenes “employees” (aka my mom & friends) that come in around the holidays and help without being asked & are always there to swap out a display or catch up on orders. While you aren’t featured in this blog, please know that I SO love and appreciate each of you and what you do for the store! It truly takes a village (and I’ve got the best!)

I asked each of the girls to submit a photo of themselves & a fun fact. Enjoy!

Addison Miller – Expert Gift Creator / Sales Associate

Addison is a junior at SBC this year. She’ll help evenings after school (once cheer dies down) and frequently helps on the weekends! So, if you’re a Saturday or evening shopper, you’ll see her smiling face quite often!

Fun Fact: Addison has been cheering for 5 years!

Fun Fact by Mac: Addison smiles CONSTANTLY… and it’s genuine. So, if you’re having a bad day, come see our girl, Addi (left in photo)!

Alli Phaup – Expert Gift Creator / Sales Associate

Alli is a senior at Mizzou studying textile & apparel management! She is a recent addition to the team and has tons of retail experience!

Fun Fact: Alli lived in New York City this summer and interned at Kleinfelds! Yep, like Say-Yes-to-the-Dress-Kleinfelds!

Fun Fact by Mac: Alli goes nowhere without coffee! And you know what…. same!

Brooke Evans – Expert Gift Creator / Sales Associate

Brooke’s history with TSR dates back to the days when it was named Wild Rose and operated from my parent’s basement & pop-up shows at festivals. She now hops in on the fun between her days working on her Dad’s farm! Talk about a versatile team player! (No, seriously, one time she changed my flat tire in 20 degree weather and all I could do was hold the flashlight…)

Fun Fact: Brooke has 4 (big) dogs that are her babies. They’re just slightly spoiled loved!

Fun Fact by Mac: Our parents tell us we met in the Flood of ’93! We were only one, so, we’ll have to trust them on that. Anyway, we’ve been friends ever since!

Caitlynn Metze – Expert Gift Creator / Sales Associate

Caitlynn is a junior at Columbia College and is studying nursing. Her job at TSR is preparing herself for her bedside manner one day!

Fun Fact: Caitlynn is a nursing student & slings monograms “for a living” right now.

Fun Fact by Mac: Caitlynn loves Post Malone & probably visits Starbucks 3-4 times a week if I had to guess. Yo, Starbucks, could we maybe get a sponsorship over here???

An image of a smiling woman sitting on steps with the name

Halie Moeller – Expert Gift Creator / Sales Associate

Halie is a sophomore (junior if we’re getting technical) at Columbia College. She runs track & is also a nursing student so she has a full plate!

Fun Fact: In her free time, Halie enjoys hanging out with her family and crafting on the weekends!

Fun Fact by Mac: In her “free time,” she likes to work at the store and organize EVERYTHING. Seriously, one day I came in and every drawer behind the counter was labeled #blessed

Hannah Greenplate – Expert Gift Creator / Sales Associate

Hannah is a freshman this year at Mizzou studying Health Sciences. She rushed Tri Delta this fall so if you’re sisters, let her know!

Fun Fact: Hannah has a German Shepherd that eats her shoes to cope with her anxiety (don’t mention her Tory Burch sandals — it’s too soon)

Fun Fact by Mac: Hannah played soccer growing up and you can tell because she never stops running around the shop when she’s there!

Kate Buster – Expert Gift Creator / Sales Associate

Kate is a freshmen this year at Ozark Christian College but will spend summers & breaks working at the shop. We LOVE seeing her smiling face around there!

Fun Fact: Kate plays the mandolin!

Fun Fact by Mac: Kate is playing volleyball in college – so she’s just a tad bit busy but we’re excited to have her back at the shop SOON!

Linda Knierim – Personalization Specialist

Linda has joined our team and helps with personalization. She has been such a huge blessing helping out behind-the-scenes & pays close attention to all of your items to make sure they’re the BEST!

Fun Fact: Linda has watched hundreds of soccer games over the last 25 year and still doesn’t know an off-sides when she sees it. (….and neither do I. Sorry, Tyler!)

Fun Fact by Mac: Linda is my mother-in-love and she has helped TREMENDOUSLY taking some of the embroidery off my plate. Between she and I, you’ll be giving the COOLEST monogrammed gifts this Christmas!

Madison Bowden – – Expert Gift Creator / Personalization Specialist / Social Media Specialist 

Madison is a freshman studying business management (emphasis in marketing) and runs our social media feeds.

Fun Fact: Madison is extremely obsessed with her nephew (can’t blame her) and loves spending time with him when she can!

Fun Fact by Mac: If you ever see Madison roll her eyes at MacKenzie, it’s because we’re sisters and I ask her to do way more than I should (so I deserve it).

MacKenzie Knierim – Owner / Buyer (I’ll stop there LOL)

Fun Fact by Mac: I reaaaally enjoy traveling but took a small break this year because of a certain blue-eyed boy! We can’t wait to travel again with him next year!! Any good spots for a toddler? I can’t even believe I just typed that….

An image of a smiling woman and man with a baby and the words

That’s it, folks. Thanks for reading! Come & say ‘hi’ to the girls!

They are gift experts & really love helping you guys create the perfect gift – so don’t be shy!

Have someone hard to buy for? Let us make it easy for you! The countdown is ON until Christmas… Happy Shopping!