We've been asked several times if we will eventually be open on Mondays again.... and quite frankly, we are thinking the answer is: no.

Here's why:

When we first opened the store (2016), it made sense to be open six days a week. I was young with no "family" of my own, so my commitments were few. During our "reopening phase" of the pandemic, we started by slowly allowing customers in the store(s). First, we were open Wednesday-Saturday. But, we were too busy (thankfully) so we added Tuesday back in to help space shoppers out. We held on to Monday as a day "closed" for private appointments & curbside pickup only. Slowly the appointments stopped and people started just shopping Tuesday-Saturday in our "new normal" business hours. We've been using Mondays to our full advantage.

We often reset entire sections of the store. We receive, tag, merchandise, and create content on new arrivals, events, and promotions. We strategize what the next few weeks & months will look like (well, we try...). We work on "back end" activities such as website work (for both The Southern Rose and Rosebuds). We take photos. We work on completing custom orders and sourcing new products. We are busy. Sometimes, we are at the store. Sometimes, we are at home working (and cleaning). Sometimes, we are at a random location taking photos. And you know what? It's just nice to have a day to work on The Southern Rose and Rosebuds instead of in them.

I've also realized it's the only day (besides Sunday) that my brain can turn off at times. And, it's really the only day I can schedule appointments. So, for now....we're keeping Mondays closed. We'll likely expand back to six days a week at the holidays for some extended hours. If you can only shop on Mondays OR you still would like a private shopping experience, please reach out! We are happy to accomodate if we can get staff to the store(s) for you. We understand some other industries (salons, retail, etc) are also closed on Monday...which would make it difficult to get to us! We are happy to work with you to get you in the stores. Just e-mail or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram.

We hope to see you soon (on Tuesday-Saturday)! 

- MacKenzie