Preparing & Praying

Here's the deal - no one prepared me in my six years of business education on how to handle pandemic viruses and a global freakout. I have avoided any public place simply because I don't feel like being around a bunch of people stressing out (I stress myself out enough). I have NOT avoided them because of the potential virus ;) 

Yes, it is certainly terrifying to think of the impact on our global economy & our healthcare providers as it continues to spread. It is naive to think this virus won't affect each of us in some way. I have shared my worries & fears with so many people in the last few days regarding the days, weeks, and months ahead. I have also shared my faith that God will protect us & guide us through these next crucial weeks. I know the mass-cancellations are worrisome. I'm truly not sure what we'll do at The Southern Rose & Rosebuds if things progress on, schools close, etc - but I DO know that God is in control.


I forget that God is in control almost daily as I try to navigate and manage every aspect of my life and business. I am reminded almost daily, too, that God always has a better plan. So, friends, let us have faith that this will all be in control soon by the only One that can. Please read the graphic at the bottom of this blog for some information on how we are remaining proactive during this time. 

Please also remember the little guys are going to struggle (as will many others) from this. I saw a post shared urging consumers to go and purchase gift cards from your favorite restaurants, coffee shops, stores, etc to help lift them in this time. I speak for myself and many others that your continued support - even in hard times - is so appreciated.

We hope we can see you in the days ahead. We know time at home will be crucial too and will re-evaluate as time goes on. Yes, there is a potential we will have to close if the situation continues evolving closer to home. I certainly hope we can remain open and be a place each of you can enjoy to "get away" from the crazy. Our shelves are allllll full ;) If you can't make it in, be sure to shop us online. Open 24/7 at!

See you soon! 


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