ROSEBUDS | Baby & Kids Boutique

ROSEBUDS | Baby & Kids Boutique

Well, if you’re reading this, chances are you’ve heard the news….we’re opening a “sister store” right next door, Rosebuds! Rosebuds is a baby and kid boutique (sizes NB – 5/6) full of apparel, accessories, gifts, and more that are perfect for any little love in your life! EEEK! Speaking of little love, here’s my cutie hard at work! For more Q&A, see below!!

A baby wears a construction vest and grips a yellow hard hat with tools sitting in front of him.

When we first opened three years ago, we barely had enough products to fill the store. I joke about those early days and how I can’t believe that people came back! But, here we are… Just over three years later, busting at the seams. It’s been a challenge to grow and keep the store stocked with new lines (and honestly, really hard to “let go” of some lines just to make room for new.) We’ve pivoted in more ways than I can count from my original business plan, but this pivot… might be my favorite! I’ve learned in the last three years that sometimes veering from the plan is actually for the best. God sure has taught me a lot & I’m sure this new venture will lead to even more life lessons!

It’s no doubt that having a child changes your life (this could be its own blog topic…)

But…. As we began shopping for baby products for Knox, I realized how many “things” we were missing in the shop for new mamas  (Even beyond the shop, where did people in Columbia shop specifically for baby & kids?!) We didn’t really have swaddle options… so I added in Woombie & Nested Bean. We had a few knotted gown options but we needed boy colors & prints! We didn’t have any pacifiers at the time….so we added in Ryan & Rose, Itzy Ritzy, and Doddle & Co! So yes, friends, that baby section grew and nearly tripled in size while I was pregnant! Oops. For fun, here’s a picture of the TSR baby + kids section the day we opened in August 2016. HAHAHAHA! Can we all just take a second to thank God for our amazing photographer – Laura Rowe Photo & Design – and a WAY better baby + kid STORE!


Hooks on a wall are filled with colorful purses and a bookshelf is lined with accessories. TSR KIDS SECTION | AUG 16

An open wardrobe is lined with clothing and accessories. TSR BABY SECTION | AUG 16


After I returned from maternity leave, I noticed that the Dale Parker space was vacant and up for grabs. So, me being the multi-passionate-always-working-entrepreneur that I am, reached out to Gina Rende for a tour. When I came home that night, I’m pretty sure Tyler was thinking that I was every level of crazy (plot twist: I am). I mean, our child wasn’t even six months old, and I wanted to essentially have another baby? Ha! Here we are…. We’re going to have two under two Iand a 3.5 year old)! But at least two of our kids don’t need their diapers changed (no…. they just need employees, branding, inventory, marketing, strategic planning, a website….. gulp)!

Follow along on the journey at!

Oh, and also, we’re doing our very best to have this baby open by the end of November….. so patience with us as our entire team is working extremely hard to make that happen in both stores!!!



Q: Will Rosebuds & The Southern Rose be connected?

A: Yes! You can come in either store to shop & checkout with all of your merchandise on one side. Shopping made simple!

Q: Can you use TSR gift cards at Rosebuds?

A: Yes! We will have different fronts for the cards but all TSR/RB gift cards will work for any item in the two stores.

Q: Will there be a registry option?

A: YES YES YES! The process is SUPER simple. Complete a registry with our gift experts, show us a copy of your invitations listing our details, & get a coupon for 15% off remaining items 8-weeks out from your due date! The EASIEST way to send your family & friends to get the gifts you really want!

Q:Will you guys be online?

A: YES (eventually). Our goal is to have Rosebuds completely online in the early part of 2020! We are working hard to get the new TSR site live & running and between that and opening a storefront in the heart of retail craziness….well,  you could say we’re a little busy around here! We’re pretty excited about the two stores & think the wait will be worth it. In the meantime, give us a call or shoot us a message. We ship all the time & want to get you the best (no matter where you live!) FREE SHIPPING over $49 ALWAYS!

If you have any other questions about Rosebuds – feel free to DM us on Instagram ( @rosebudscomo) or e-mail me directly at