Shop (Small) Now!

Well, we are officially in Mid-October and for every retail business owner... the panic mode begins in getting their stores ready for a huge season. 

It's truly my favorite (most stressful) time of year! We have increased inventory to hold as much as we possibly can.... but I felt like a blog post relating to how COVID has affected the retail industry is necessary.

I think it goes without saying that COVID has affected, well, everything. That includes a number of vendors & manufacturers.... We have worked really hard to ensure our orders are big enough but things are going to sell out. We won't be able to get those things back in stock. So, I say that to say this - if you like it right now, buy it before it's gone. Seriously - I'm not just saying that to make some sales. It truly makes me upset when items sell out and we can't get you what you want!  

To be transparent - we are mainly experiencing issues with our blank items for personalization -- sweatshirts, joggers, hoodies, and more are HARD to get. We are getting what we can when we can but sadly, some of our brand new arrivals for this season are selling out and we can't get more. Meh! 

This is your reminder that many other small retailers are in our position. Get out and shop local (now) so you have plenty of time to get the items you want for Christmas. This will be the BIGGEST and BEST Christmas yet - we're sure of it! We have so many more exciting things headed your way -- and some crazy good fun prepared for Black Friday & Small Business Saturday (so mark your calendars)! 

See you soon!


P.S. Don't forget.... We will ship any gift purchased in the store(s) for you for only $5 - some exclusions do apply. Please shop early if you want to take advantage of this offer - especially if you're wanting to mail a custom gift!