Spread the Love

Spread the Love

A friend (Morgan Pingel, co-owner of Fringe Boutique) recently shared a graphic about how to support an artist without spending any money. I liked it. A lot.

There are SO many ways to support a small business or organization that are above and beyond actually spending money.

Likes on posts, comments on photos, and shares on events help SPREAD THE WORD and reach new customers.

Leave a review and share it!

Drop a coffee by as a surprise…. This one would totally make my day

Send them a nice card.

Simply attend an event at their location.

Tag them in posts using their products or wearing their merchandise.

Check in at their location when you’re visiting!

There are COUNTLESS ways to spread the love and help support small businesses. Let’s all make it a mission to spread the love this holiday season for those local dreamers, makers, and “go-getters.” It’s not always easy owning a small business and the holiday season can have retailers feeling *crazy*…. so a little boost from followers and friends can truly just make your day!!

We appreciate every like, comment, and share on our posts. THANK YOU for supporting this “small business” dream!  We’ll see you soon!