Sundays are easily my favorite day of the week. I cherish them when they arrive and get so sad when they pass so quickly. Tyler and I attend Hartsburg Baptist Church in Hartsburg, Missouri. It’s a small town church filled with some amazing people.

Most Sundays, we max out at 30 attendees. Today…every pew was filled with friends and family, the kids were bouncing everywhere, and you could feel the joy in the air. Our choir, led by my incredible cousin, Seth Maberry, truly blessed everyone in attendance with a spectacular Christmas cantata. It’s such a beautiful service and one of my favorite Sundays of the year! Here’s a lyric from today’s service:

“Christmas is the love of God sent down to you and me…This tiny baby in the hay has come to set us free.”

Chills. Those lyrics sung today hit my heart immediately. It’s so easy in today’s world to forget the meaning of the season during the frenzy. I’m often guilty of letting the stress and workload during December consume my heart and mind (even when I try to prepare myself mentally in November – ha!)

I am forever thankful for God sending the greatest gift of all to set us free. Thank you, HBC Choir, for a beautiful message sent to me in song today. May we all cherish the memories and stories with family and friends in the next week. And as always, if you need a church home this coming Sunday, we welcome everyone with open arms!!! Merry Christmas and God Bless!!