When You Ask Your Dad for A Cross

When You Ask Your Dad for A Cross

If you haven’t met my Dad, here are a few background facts about him.

  1. He would do ANYTHING, I repeat ANYTHING, for any of his (three) daughters.
  2. He likes to “go big or go home” on his projects.
  3. He’s a perfectionist.

As we approach our one year anniversary, I’m getting all in my feels looking back on the work and devotion put in to my dream wedding at my dream location: my grandparent’s farm. My parents legitimately turned a hayfield into a venue some people pay THOUSANDS of dollars for. #spoiled

I’ve considered myself a Christian my entire life, but I could never picture myself getting married in a church. In fact, I feel closest to God when I’m amongst nature so that’s probably why I had this desire to get married in a field I’ve always loved. Even in the field, I wanted to be married at a cross so I sent my Dad a photo from Pinterest of what I was thinking. In all reality, I probably could have figured it out on my own but it was the idea that my Dad built Tyler and I the cross at which we would say our vows and commit our lives to each other. What can I say? I’m a Daddy’s girl (and a Mama’s girl at that).

Here’s the photo:

It’s beautiful, right? Fairly simple, easy (for my Dad) to construct base. Can be transported pretty easily. The list goes on and on. It just wasn’t QUITE what my Dad wanted his little girl to get married under, so he amped it up a bit.

He had special lumber brought in from Wisconsin. Not just any lumber, 12×12 lumber – a beautiful cedar. He had a steel base custom welded to support the 300+ pound cross. He even built a stage (because he wanted to be sure everyone sitting could see me – SWOON). I’ve always known my Dad loved me, but he truly showed it in this process. I look at the pictures and I just melt thinking about the sweat that went into making it all a reality. Here are just a few photos of our big day setup:

So, a long overdue, THANK YOU, to the guy I loved first (and the mom that was his sidekick through it all). Tyler and I LOVE you guys!!!

P.S. Dad called in some help from the Linn Fire Department to water the gravel roads before the ceremony. If any cars passed, we were NOT getting covered in dust. Maybe that’s where I get my attention to detail?!