Hi, friends. It’s been a hot minute since I had a chance to write a blog so thought I would post a little update for everyone about #LifeWithKnox and life at The Southern Rose.

Store Update: I’m back to work… finally. It took me quite a bit longer to adjust to motherhood than I anticipated so I’ve enjoyed staying out of the fire as much as possible until now. It’s a time I am so thankful I took to really embrace this new journey and spend time with my little man. He’s just the best (especially now that he’s sleeping a little bit better, did I just jinx it? Probably).

I’m back in the shop 3-4 days a week (depending on the week). It’s been so great to get back in a bit of a rhythm, see everyone at the shop, and yep, I’ve even enjoyed having a reason to put on jeans again! We’ve added some new team members in the last month, so if you haven’t been in, be sure to come say “hi” as they learn the ropes! 

We switched up the entire store + added a TON of NEW items in the last few weeks. Be sure to follow us on Instagram or Facebook so you catch new arrivals when they come in. We also send out new arrivals & discount codes to our e-mail subscribers. You can sign up for that list here – we promise you’ll love it! We hope to see you in the store soon!!!

Life Update: Being a mom is one of the most exhausting, amazing things EVER. It’s also been a huge time warp. I had Knox in January and….it’s mid-June. What? Where does the time go? Will I be saying this forever now that I’m a mom? He’s a ton of fun & we simply can’t get enough of his personality (and seeing his gummy smile). It’s been fairly “easy” to leave him during the day with my mom/nanny but I’m sure that will change once we’re out of the comfort of our own home & in a daycare setting (starting this fall sometime). With that being said, I’m already starting to feel bursts of mom guilt. I have the luxury of being self-employed, but that also means… my/our livelihood depends on, well, me (and my awesome team of gals). So, the guilt goes away and I head to work another day…. only to be hit with a knife to the heart wondering what new skill my little babe learned today while I was gone. The time truly goes too fast, y’all. Someone pinch me. And also, if you’re a mama in this whirlwind, know that I am with you and feel for you! It’s so, so hard but we’re all in this together. 

And just because I am who I am… here’s a little Knox collage for you. I can’t help it – I’m obsessed. For more pics of him (really, every day multiple times….) follow me on Instagram: @macknierim!