Christmas in Retail

Christmas in Retail


The holidays are my absolute favorite but wow, they are so, so hard for retailers (especially almost-30-week-pregnant-retailers). So if you think about it, help us out! Encouragement can be found in the simplest form of a ‘like’ or ‘comment’ on a post, a sweet text, or possibly even the gift of 10-extra-hours-in-a-day. (Wishful thinking, I still wouldn’t get my TDL completed *sigh*) I’d be lying if I said this holiday season has been a breeze like all the others but simply said: mama is tired. But… Mama is pushing through. So if you see me with my hair in a bun with leggings every time you step foot into TSR, well, just know that’s the result of 12+ hr work days & little sleep in-between them! 

Here’s the thing though, I think this holiday season is preparing me quite nicely for motherhood in just 73 days… gulp. At best guess, I’ve washed my hair twice in the last 8 days & I have slept no more than 4 hours solid a night for the last two-ish weeks. Not from discomfort, just wide awake thinking about my to-do-list and how quickly life is flashing before my eyes! #dramatic 

Speaking of dramatic, here’s a list of things I’m proud of this holiday season… 

Things I’m Proud Of This Holiday Season 

  • Managing to wear jeans 2-3 times a week 
  • Functioning on one cup of decaf or half-decaf coffee (last year, I drank no less than two giant cups of coffee a day for reference…) 
  • Working 12+ hour days (every day)
  • Managing an inventory almost double what we had when we first opened (in the same amount of space nonetheless)
  • No mental breakdowns or crying….yet! 

If you’ve been in the store, you’ve probably noticed it’s a little bit crazy right now but my team and I are rocking it all (and they still even like me… I think). If you haven’t been in, well, then you’re missing the cutest & best selection of gifts & Christmas we’ve EVER had! So, come & see us (ASAP). If you’re wanting personalized Christmas gifts, our turnaround is right at a week right now. We haven’t set deadlines yet but we expect to after this weekend’s craziness  

Also, if you come visit, we love cookies & half-decaf coffees…. 

Double also, all Christmas is now 30% off and when it’s gone… it’s GONE! Hurry in for best selection!