Well, things certainly escalated quickly. 

You know, for having two closed storefronts, I sure feel BUSIER than ever before. Right now as a small business owner, busy is the biggest blessing ever. Truly. I thank you all for that.

I've been moved to tears more times than I can count in the last several weeks. Friends & family placing orders, sharing our website and pages, shouting us out, and praying for us. I walk into the stores, and while they feel so alone and sad and empty, I am at peace. My emotions these days remind me of the early days home with Knox - let's just say they're pretty volatile. Perhaps, it's the combination of sleepless nights & so. much. love all at once.

My brain every night before bed: Did I reply to that question on IG? Did I invoice her or did I forget? I miss my friends.
How can I keep serving and showing up each day? Who is watching Knox tomorrow? I wonder how I can help those that are struggling more. Will we survive this? Did I pay that bill in time? How can I keep supporting my employees at home? Am I doing enough? I need sleep. 

I have a deep faith that He is in control - but, as a human, I play into my anxiety every single day. It comes in waves (luckily). Some moments, I am certain of the plan for these next (crucial) thirty days of running these businesses. The next moment, I am weak -- WHY did I open a second storefront? Right before a pandemic? Really??? 

And as always, He shows up. 

Yesterday, Veterans United Home Loans (my first and only employer whom I love dearly), announced they would give $100 to each employee to spend at local businesses. I'm not guaranteed I will see a single dollar but I felt God when I read that. That money, spent at any local business, is a blessing for this community and the local entrepreneurs that work so hard serve Columbia. 

Every single one of is facing uncertainty. Every single one of us is facing hardships. 

Maybe God is using this moment in time to "force" some stillness. Some quiet moments for us to relish in the people inside our homes. My favorite thing from the pandemic thus far? No sports. Yep, I said it. I love sports - always have. 10/10 would rather watch a baseball or basketball game than a reality TV show. (My husband loves sports even more than me so I know if he reads this he will be DISGUSTED that it's been my favorite part). I can't help but think about the conversations husbands and wives are now having (LOL) or the activities families are enjoying together. There, I said it. ;) 

Friends, I hope in this "slowdown" we can all embrace the good & sweet times. And, please, don't look at my hair or nails because these services aren't deemed essential (and I really don't understand how hahaha). 

We can't wait to see you in the stores again!

For now, feel free to message us, text us at 573-608-1308, personally e-mail me (, or shop online on BOTH websites!