How to Make a Christmas Wishlist

Look, everyone knows the kids get to make their list for Santa each year. They pick their favorite items (even some out of Santa's price range). Everyone loves to pick an item off their list to watch their eyes light up with joy! But, what about the adults? Shouldn't we get a chance to make a Christmas wishlist? Here's how to easily make your Christmas wishlist at The Southern Rose (or Rosebuds)!

How to Make a Christmas Wishlist

1. First, go to our website and sign up to make an account. You'll just need an e-mail and password!

2. Once you're logged into, go into your account profile. In this section, you can check your order history (and status). There's also a tab for 'wishlists.' Click that tab!

3. Create a wishlist and give it a name. We suggest "_____ Christmas Wishlist"

4. Go shopping on our website! When you're on a product listing, you will see a spot to add to wishlist right under the "add to cart" button! Select your wishlist name from the popup.

5. Share your new wishlist link with family and friends! You can go back to your wishlists under your account. Find the 'share' button and copy the link! Then, you'll get what you really want this Christmas!

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