Merry Christmas!!

For starters, THANK YOU for an amazing holiday season in The Southern Rose + Rosebuds! It was quite the whirlwind of events getting Rosebuds open before the craziness really began. This "holiday season" felt so short with the later Thanksgiving (not a fan!) but we are SO thankful so many of you chose us these past few weeks. We know you have options - so truly, from the bottom of our hearts.... THANK YOU for choosing us time & time again. 

And, really, we all can breathe a sigh of relief because WE DID IT. Merry Christmas, folks! Whether you feel "prepared" or not, Christmas has arrived. ;) 

It's always such a relieving moment to be finished and able to take a break. The days are so fast + fun during the holidays and we truly love seeing each of you in the store(s), but I will be the first to say - a break & slowdown is SO needed in my world after a crazy eight week rush of adrenaline. Of course, when mid-January rolls around and our days are *slow*, we would gladly welcome the door ringing approximately ten times in a minute, running out of shopping bags mid-day, and machines running around the clock :-) 

We hope you each enjoy your Christmases & can truly celebrate the greatest gift of all, Jesus. 

I know I sure can't wait to create memories & traditions with my sweet Knox on his first Christmas. He's been the best gift this year! We'll see you in the shop soon! Merry Christmas!! 


The Knierims  

P.S. If you get goodies from The Southern Rose or Rosebuds, PLEASE tag us in your photos or send them in an e-mail to mackenzie@southernrosemonograms. I absolutely LOVE seeing them + sharing them!