The Knierims: An Untitled Blog (Read to Understand Why)

I typed the title probably six times and every single “baby-related” title just sounded like I was announcing a pregnancy. In an earlier blog this year, I asked if anyone liked Chip and Joanna Gaines….only because we were getting the Magnolia Home Fragrance line at the shop. PEOPLE THOUGHT I WAS HINTING I WAS PREGNANT. No words are safe anymore.

I am not pregnant and Tyler and I aren’t trying (yet).

(I can actually feel the looks I’m getting from some extremely eager women that will be mema/grandma/nana to Future Baby Knierim. WE LOVE YOU GUYS!)

I’ve been waiting for this moment to blog since June 3, 2017 when the question of conversation shifted from “are you ready for the big day?” to “so, when do we get a Baby Knierim?” If you’ve asked this question, please know I do not take offense!! I usually just smile thinking about the future “Baby Knierim” and roll out something along the lines of, “We’re not sure yet, we’ve got a big trip to Europe and one of my best friend’s weddings in June.” Speaking of rolls, this is Tyler as a baby and it makes me want approximately ten of them running around The Southern Rose one day.

Our trip to Scotland and our June wedding festivities are approaching quickly and I seriously have sweaty palms just thinking about not having them as “excuses” to why we’re waiting. I think a lot of people expected us to start a family right away (WE DID! WE GOT A DOG!). Actually, I think a lot of people assume that as soon as you’re married, you’re ready to start a family. I post about baby fever relentlessly and my iPhone has actually started making albums of my friends’ children (sorry, Gannon… you’re just the cutest little dude). It’d be easy to just assume that we were ready for a family which is why I felt inclined to just share a little bit about our “family planning” if you will.

This past year has been full of some major life changes and we agreed that adding a baby in the mix just didn’t seem right quite yet. Tyler and I met and were married within 16 months and we’re quickly approaching our “two-years-knowing-each-other” mark. I’ll be a little selfish here and say I’m just not ready to share him yet. Mollie moved into our home in July (lol) and let’s just say she kiiiind of likes Tyler so I already have to share him with one other “person.” The thought of Europe and weddings this spring/summer is another selfish reason to delay the baby-making just a bit. We want to enjoy these big moments and this time we have just the two of us. Plus, I can’t go to Scotland and not try the scotch! #AMIRIGHT

We can’t wait (seriously, I have baby fever so hard) for when the time is right for us, but in the meantime just know we are embracing our sleep (if Mollie allows) and loving this time together as “newlyweds.” (Wait, when are we NOT newlywed? After one year?!). It’s also pretty great that we have a TON of babies being born in our friend group right now….and all these first time parents, yeah, we’re just letting you guys nail all the tips/tricks so it’s a little easier when it is our turn

Happy Wednesday, folks!