Time to Read

If you know me personally, you know that I LOVE to read. 

I read all kinds of books - from business to thrillers & memoirs to romance novels. I love a good classic just as much as a new "best-seller." I blame it on my mom (a reading specialist for JCPS) and my Grandma & Grandpa. My mother is a true reading queen and has read no less than THOUSANDS of books to her children, her grandson, and hundreds of other lucky little boys & girls. My Grandma worked at Scholastic for years and every Christmas we opened a box FULL of new reads. As a child, you'd often find me in the top of a tree in our front yard reading and in the summers, I averaged at least one book a day. Nerd alert. 

In my adult years, the free time to read has shortened some but pretty much every day I find myself immersed in another book for an hour or more. There's worse habits I suppose....

Tyler is so patient as I *try* to share the story I just read, the skill I just learned, or the historical event referenced in my books. He listens as I stumble with excitement to share a new business tool that Dave Ramsey or Mike Michalowicz just taught me. He smiles and nods as I try to summarize an intricate web of characters as quickly as possible (so not to lose my audience). He buys me books to surprise me at least once a month (true love, friends). For Christmas, he knew my yearning for a library and built me a custom book shelf for our bedroom. And now, he is insisting that I share my love of books with each of you. So, if you like to read, you've found the place.

I won't lie and say I know I will be super consistent and document every book I read (there's a lot) but I will promise to share the stories here that truly touched my life, inspired my, or were great quick reads. If you love to read, be sure to subscribe to the blog so you get notified when we post. And also, please share your great reads with me! I absolutely LOVE new books!! 

I've also set up an Amazon storefront where I'll continually update and add books. Please note, if you purchase through this link, I will receive a small percentage back (which will immediately be used for new books). I so appreciate your support if you choose to shop my reads here



P.S. Look for a Little Free Library coming soon to The Southern Rose & Rosebuds. I'll post more details on the blog when it's finally ready! Happy Saturday!