Transition to Two Kids

Transition to Two Kids

Well, we are officially seven-weeks-in on our transition to two. I think many of you warned me it was about to get wild... and boy, it sure did! Ha! I will say - the transition to two kids has been MUCH easier on me than the transition from zero to one. But, still a challenge (as expected)! 

Knox turned two in January and the emotions and tantrums didn't begin....until we brought sister home. Gah! 

We had a pretty solid two weeks that were difficult for him adjusting to someone else taking attention, new routines, and, well, a little bit more noise at the house. He has done so well recently. We're working through emotions and have a pretty good grasp on how to help him when he gets overwhelmed. But wow, the toddler phase is NO joke - especially when your two-year-old is stronger than you. At first, he didn't care much about Kramer.... Now, we say that he is "overly" protective and a little bit obsessive. 

He asks to hold her every morning and when he gets home from daycare.... but don't you dare try to hold her in front of him. She is HIS sissy and he is still learning how to share! ;) 

He'll also tell you, "Ssshhh, sissy sleepin'. Don't wake her up!" I guess he's heard that a time or two. 

In all seriousness, the "craziness" has been absolutely perfect. I'm hesitant to use that word (there are still a LOT of rough moments) but it's been great to see all of the transitions in each of the Knierim crew. Mom and Dad included. We've all grown tremendously in the last seven weeks. I've told several people that I wish I could be a second-time-mom the first time. You somehow find more grace to give yourself in the second time around. You know the hard parts pass + you know the snuggles eventually are harder to come by. Now, the sleepless nights are a bit harder since the morning brings the responsiblities of TWO kids. With Knox, we were able to really snuggle all day and we don't have that luxury with a toddler (except for his naptime). 

I am soaking up a maternity leave and working just one day a week through May (if I can). My mom will take over in June for three or so days a week...and she'll start fulltime care in July. Working part-time definitely is challenging with two stores, but my team is KILLING it and I am so thankful for that. This crew is simply the best and have made my days home so relaxing since I truly don't have to worry! I'll be back soon, friends! 

- MacKenzie