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That's Bold of You Book

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That's Bold of You Book

Have you ever been called “too much” or told to “be realistic?” Do you exude a passion for life that makes you feel misunderstood, weird, or out of place?

That’s Bold of You is a call to unlearn the labels society has put on you - difficult, sensitive, intimidating, crazy, too loud, too quiet, too independent, etc. - and embrace being your own version of “too much.” That’s the part of you that speaks loud and clear to your uniqueness and your willingness to express who you are. It’s the source of your self esteem, your individuality, your standards, and what brings you joy… and it’s time to reclaim its power. It’s time to say goodbye to “sorry” and pressure to conform, and, instead, emphatically embrace what makes you different and bold.

It’s time to let go of who you’re NOT:

… the labels that don’t define you
… your past and the weight it carries
… the timelines given to you
… expectations of who you’re supposed to be
… pressure to be “normal”

… so you can embrace who you really are.

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