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  • The Unbothered Journal

The Unbothered Journal

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The Unbothered Journal

Find your inner “happy place” by unburdening yourself of anxious thoughts and overthinking.

The Unbothered journal helps you let go of what no longer serves you and find inner peace. Through 60 days of journaling you'll come to discover where your anxious thoughts are coming from, whether you’re “chasing” or “attracting” in life and how to manifest what you deserve.

The journal is broken into two parts:

The first 30 days focus on leading you to discover the things, people or insecurities that are bothering you right now.

The second 30 days focus on empowering you to move forward and embrace your growth.

** Join over 200,000 journalers who have found their “inner happy place” since 2021 **

Calm your anxious thoughts: a daily 10 minute de-stress to unburden yourself of anxious thoughts and overthinking by finding your inner place of peace.

60 days of prompts: unique prompts each day are designed to take 10 minutes or less.

No pressure journaling: these anti-anxiety prompts are designed to guide you gently to a place of peace - no pressure, no overwhelming instructions… just you and radical honesty.

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